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New year, new start

So ... I should start using this right? I was checking all my bookmarks in firefox yesterday and I skimmed by my LJ feeling vaguely guilty. Why I have no idea, it's mine and technically I can use it as I wish but I'd started to build up a few regular visitors and I let it all die. My life got a little busy and weird last year but I think if I had a new years resolution it would be to mop up things close to home and organise myself. Perhaps this place comes under that heading - all that and - Lost has just started again. So let the iconing begin!

More to come, promise.
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54 Twilight Icons

Having calmed from the inital squeetastic trailer filled morning I've rushed out some more twilight icons. There will probably be more soon. Oh and boooo to Jake not being in the trailer.

Usual requests apply - if you're taking please boost my ego with a comment, if you use credit makes me feel loved but please be kind to my photobucket and don't hotlink. Enjoy!

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46 Multifandom Icons

Vampires, Islands and Hansons ... oh my! A mixed bag of random icons I've been storing up. Same drill as usual - if taking please leave a comment, if using credit is appreciated but please - no hotlinking.

[x] 01-08 Twilight
[x] 09-12 The Lost Boys (Corey Haim)
[x] 13-14 Tropic Thunder Quotes
[x] 15-17 Dexter
[x] 18-21 The Mist
[x] 22-28 Supernatural Quotes
[x] 29-36 Hanson (I Love '97)
[x] 37-41 Peep Show
[x] 42-46 Lost

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12 Dexter Text Icons

Thought I'd make a sinister return with a handful of blood-splattered Dexter icons. Quotes from seasons one and two. Please comment if taking, no hotlinking and if you use credit is always appreciated.

Dexter Icons Dexter Icons Dexter Icons

More under the cut...

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26 Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) Icons

I couldn't resist. Benry has my lost heart.

As always please comment if taking, credit makes me feel warm and fuzzy and if you hotlink I'll hunt you down like a dog. They're all textless but that doesn't mean you can scribble on them. Just take them, love them and picspam Benry everywhere you can think of. Everyone sing along now - Isn't he lovely, isn't he wonderful...

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40 Hanson Lyric Icons

This was all a bit random and the idea seems to work better on the last icons but I've posted them all here anyway. These are from the years of '97 up to very present day.

If taking please comment and credit is always appreciated.

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7 Lost Cartoon Icons

For the record I'm very ill and have had about an hours sleep in the last 36 hours, however I've still managed to keep iconing. What do I win?

Just a few of the boys for now. Maybe more on the way, who knows.

Please comment if taking, credit is appreciated.

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