November 3rd, 2006

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10 Equus Icons, Dan Radcliffe

I'd love to say I was doing this for the right reasons but we all know that would be a total lie. So here they are, all those people currently booking tickets for the same wrong reasons I will be doing will, no doubt, love the poster art as much a I do.

If you're genuinely interested try checking out the website I've been the the Gielgud once before (also for silly fangirling reasons, but that aside) and you'll all be pleased to know the seating is fantastic. They'll be *brilliant* views, regardless of where you're sat..

Anyway, wicked poster, here are just a few icons (they're pretty much just cut jobs, I added nothing) to fangirl with to your hearts content.

( Remember girls, no giggling, this is the theatre! lol )

As always please comment if taking, credit if using and no hotlinking.

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