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10 Equus Icons, Dan Radcliffe

I'd love to say I was doing this for the right reasons but we all know that would be a total lie. So here they are, all those people currently booking tickets for the same wrong reasons I will be doing will, no doubt, love the poster art as much a I do.

If you're genuinely interested try checking out the website http://www.equustheplay.com. I've been the the Gielgud once before (also for silly fangirling reasons, but that aside) and you'll all be pleased to know the seating is fantastic. They'll be *brilliant* views, regardless of where you're sat..

Anyway, wicked poster, here are just a few icons (they're pretty much just cut jobs, I added nothing) to fangirl with to your hearts content.

( Remember girls, no giggling, this is the theatre! lol )

As always please comment if taking, credit if using and no hotlinking.