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14 Carnivale Quote Icons

More quote icons from the fab TV show Carnivale. Comment if taking, credit is appreciated.

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Multifandom Icon Post

I'm playing about with a few different styles at the moment so wanted to make a multifandom icon post.

[01-08] Heathers
[09-14] Hairspray Quotes
[15-17] Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
[18-22] Carnivale
[23-24] Pump Up The Volume

All under the cut...

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Big Fat Icon Meme Of The Year

I've been looking for a way to revive my LJ today and maybe a good place in starting is looking at where I've already been? Or something like that. Anyway, here goes.

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12 Carnivale Icons

12 to start with, maybe more to follow...

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29 Icons - My Chemical Romance, Teenagers

Comment, credit and no hotlinking please.


Follow the cut for the rest...

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6 Cartoon Heroes

[x] 001 - 006 Heroes

I'm not entirely sure what inspired these but it was quite creative and I have to say I'm quite pleased with them. I've stopped at 6 for now, if people like them I could be convinced to add more (Niki, Micah, Isaac etc) ... But for now here are - Hiro, Matt, Claire, Mohinder, Nathan and Peter - all free to a good home. :)

Comments and credit are appreciated. Please don't hotlink.


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40 Multi-Fandom Icons

[x] 001 - 007 Doctor Who (2.09 The Satan Pit)
[x] 008 - 012 Heroes (1.19 .07%)
[x] 013 - 017 The Lion King
[x] 018 - 024 LOST (3.17 Catch 22)
[x] 025 - 026 Order Of The Phoenix (Harry Potter)
[x] 027 - 028 Stand By Me
[x] 029 - 029 River Phoenix
[x] 030 - 040 Prison Break (2.21 Fin Del Camino)


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68 Peep Show Quote Icons

[x] 68 Peep Show Icons (QUOTES - series 4, epsiode 2)


Yeah I'm not kidding, I really made 68. These sort of say something about my mental state ... I began by making sure all Johnson's quotes went on red. He's the kind of guy who would think red was a power colour. Then I sort of forgot. Then remembered for one at the end. So I'm sorry the "fuck a chicken" quote isn't on red but if anyone wants it on red badly enough I'll change it over. Some of these are better than others, feel free to take what you wish. Credit and comments are always appreciated. Please don't hotlink.

Maybe more on the way from peep show but perhaps in a new style - I think I've killed this for myself. :)

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27 Peep Show Quote Icons

[x] 27 Peep Show Icons (QUOTES - series 4, epsiode 1)


For the love of being British here's a selection of quotes from what is in my opinion the best TV show we're producing right now.

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[x] 09 American Gothic (1.02 A Tree Grows In Trinity)
[x] 13 Prison Break (2.21 Fin Del Camino & 2.22 Sona)
[x] 03 Lost (3.13 The Man From Talahassee)


I haven't posted icons in ages so here's me getting back to it. The usual stuff applies - please comment if taking, credit if using and no hotlinking to these images. I may be opening up another request-a-thon soon so if your interested in getting some icons made please keep checking back. Oh and friend me, I love that. ;)

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