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Excessive Fandoming

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  • little3skimo@livejournal.com
Hello and thanks for dropping by. This is a little personal project I began over a year ago now. After haunting several livejournals for what seemed like an eternity I got sucked in at last. Only I don't find my daily life particaurly interesting and regardless of whether I did I refuse to inflict it on others. So I thought I'd use my journal for graphics and design. The most obvious use of this on LJ is an icon community. So my little mind began whizzing through my favourite fandoms and iconing like there was no tomorrow. So here I am!

I don't have any "rules" as such, just a couple of requests. If people don't follow them it won't rock my universe but hey if you'd like to, I'd appreciate it.

/// [x] Comments. If you're taking an icon just spend 5 seconds leaving me a little comment to let me know which ones. Fear not I'm not updating a master list and keeping tabs on you, it's just really nice to know which icons people liked best (helps me come up with better designs in the long run) and how popular a topic is in general.

/// [x] Hotlinking. It kills my photobucket, so please, just take what you want and upload it to your own accounts.

/// [x] No redistribution. All icons and graphics are for your use only and shouldn't be reposted, zipped and disributed.

/// [x] Credit. It really isn't required when taking an icon from here and using it elsewhere. However it takes a few seconds and it's really nice to know people are spreading the good word about your work. So if you like what you see here and take an icon AND would like to let others know where it came from just add the line credit <lj user="little3skimo"> into the comment box when you upload the icon (as shown below).

I really need to give a shout out to thefulcrum for the awesome layout. All her layouts rock so check them out.
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